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Harris was slightly more circumspect about supporting Google Assistant. “We remain committed to being open to all of the different pieces that are important to our customers. We’ll continue to march down the path of trying to support everything we can. ” I got a similar answer when I asked about support for Apple’s HomeKit technology: “We’ve given it a lot of time. Again, we remain focused on bringing HomeKit support across the product line, but it won’t be available at launch with the Alarm products specifically. ”For doors especially, I much prefer sensors that can be embedded into the door and doorframe, so they’re completely hidden.

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Most of the equipment is wireless.

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You can also connect a doorbell camera that uses motion sensors to alert you every time someone approaches your door.

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Geofencing that would automatically arm and disarm when you leave and return isn’t supported either.

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Subscribers to a home security service are usually assigned an alarm device that allows them to turn the service on or off as needed.