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4% were burglaries. An estimated loss of worth $15. 5 billion resulted from property crimes. Research conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice showed that alarm systems help deter burglars. Another research conducted by the University of North Carolina proved that burglars would be hesitant to enter a home fitted with an alarm system. In fact, 31% burglars are likely to retreat from a home if they come across a security system. These figures reflect the effectiveness of home security systems. Types of home security systems The market is flooded with many types of security systems for households and businesses. Typically, you will find major components such as a control panel, alarm, sensors, and detectors in a security system. Each component is integral to the system. You can opt for a wired security system or a wireless one, depending on your preference and budget.

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ADT’s advanced monitoring capabilities set them apart from other security system.

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THE COST FOR SECURITY There are two costs to keep in mind when shopping for a home security system.

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Do some research before you get any home security.